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Louise & Company

2012 Fashion Fusion Runway Entry                 

Louise & Company

2012 Fashion Fusion Runway Entry                           

Louise & Company

Beautiful Things

Our Couture Fashion items are works of art - we take time to create each item with excellence in craftsmanship and care; we hope that you enjoy using them as much as we enjoy making them.

Style & Quality

We are not a large Manufacturer but we produce quality, style and unique gifts for any occasion.

All of our Products are:

  • Made in the USA, Central Texas Area by: Gallery One Point (Boutique | Showroom | Production | Learning Center)
  • Handmade using 90-100% by-products made from America.
  •  Wholesale Products are made to order with top quality fabrics from universal sources.
“I don’t do fashion. I am fashion.”
— Coco Chanel


Louise & Company began in the Central Texas Area and was founded in February 2010.

We first began to appear as a Vendor in many Non-Profit Organizational Functions, Fairs and other Community Events.  As we developed our customer base, we catered to the Arts & Crafts world of Central Texas and thrived as a company with the ability to customize unique, handcrafted gifts & Accessories. 

Assisting other Business Owners has been a passion of ours as well as hosting THE BUSINESS SYMPOSIUM 2011 & 2012 Events which encourage & instructed Entrepreneurs all over Central Texas.

In May 2012, we added the Couture Designer Collections for both Men & Women which has developed into a core portion of our business today.

Currently, we are the house designer for Gallery One Point Fashion Boutique, located at 1505 Demaret Street, Unit C, Pflugerville, Texas 78660.  Shop locally at the GOP Fashion Boutique to find Louise & Company Womenswear Apparel, Accessories or L&C Menswear Apparel - Boutique hours of operation are Tue - Sat 10AM-6PM weekly.  Custom made products are made to order and by appointment only.

We want to send appreciation to our current customers & clients, who supported and patronized our business throughout the years; we look forward to new customers as we strive in excellence in serving you!