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All Occasion Silver Tank

Louise & Company

2012 Fashion Fusion Runway Entry                 

Louise & Company

2012 Fashion Fusion Runway Entry                           

Louise & Company

Beautiful Things

Our Couture Fashion items are works of art - we take time to create each item with excellence in craftsmanship and care; we hope that you enjoy using them as much as we enjoy making them.

Style & Quality

We are not a large Manufacturer but we produce quality, style and unique gifts for any occasion.

All of our Products are:

  • Made in the USA, Central Texas Area by: Gallery One Point (Boutique | Showroom | Production | Learning Center)
  • Handmade using 90-100% by-products made from America.
  •  Wholesale Products are made to order with top quality fabrics from universal sources.
“I don’t do fashion. I am fashion.”
— Coco Chanel


Louise & Company began in the Central Texas Area and was founded in February 2010.

We first began to appear as a Vendor in many Non-Profit Organizational Functions, Fairs and other Community Events.  As we developed our customer base, we catered to the Arts & Crafts world of Central Texas and thrived as a company with the ability to customize unique, handcrafted gifts & Accessories. 

Assisting other Business Owners has been a passion of ours as well as hosting THE BUSINESS SYMPOSIUM 2011 & 2012 Events which encourage & instructed Entrepreneurs all over Central Texas.

In May 2012, we added the Couture Designer Collections for both Men & Women which has developed into a core portion of our business today.

Currently, we can be found locally at a Hair Salon & Retail Boutique called "Blling Salon & Retail (401 Pecan St W, Pflugerville, TX 78660; (512) 990-2323)".  Also, we are looking forward to being the house designer for a Boutique in Austin, Texas located at the future home of Gallery One Point (Boutique | Showroom | Production | Learning Center) - (Estimated Grand Opening in 2016).

We want to send appreciation to our current customers, who supported and patronized our business throughout the years; we look forward to new customers as we strive in excellence in serving you!