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To Pocket Square or Not to Pocket Square - that is the question!


L & C Pocket Square for Men - Couture Designed - Hand Crafted $8.00


I'm often asked as a Stylist my opinion on Pocket Squares regarding Fashion for men.  My answer is always slant to "YES"!  Whether you are just wearing a dress/causal shirt, a causal jacket or formal attire, the style that men adapt speaks loudly of his character, personality and dedication to excellence.  A man that wears pocket squares will be noticed 1st above all others in any interview, photo opt, or simply walking down the street.  

Now today, there are thousands of different styles of Pocket Squares from card to scarf; so it's really up to the gentleman which one works best per individual.  Of Course, L & C sells handcrafted, couture designer Pocket Squares of any variety; contact us direct (via our website or phone) and provide color & event - we will do the rest -- 


I was inspired to design L & C from observing my Grandfather who was a young, Italian, man in the 1920's, that had adapted his own style of expression by randomly surprising us with new accessories.  I would sit silently and watch him prepare his appearance in the hallway mirror, as he selected a piece of fabric or handkerchief (whether it matched or not - patterns or colors) and placed it haphazardly into the upper left-hand pocket of every shirt or jacket.  My delight as a child artisan was animated for a lifetime, and as I watched the reactions from others (both male & female), I came to the ultimate conclusion that "YES" it matters what you wear and how you wear it. Little did he know that his eccentric granddaughter would later develop a couture business and name an entire line of fashion for men after him; proving the point further, that what you do, what you wear and how you perform in simple things; like a wearing Pocket Square; may inspire someone that will impact others!

All this from a Pocket Square you ask?  Am i saying that something as small as a piece of 12" x 12" fabric can affect your next minute or future life - LOL - well, yes; I know that is a bit dramatic, isn't it?  But if you trace your situations of success today, back to the actions that fueled them, you will find a small gesture that pivoted your life to the next level every time!

Making small changes today will largely impact your world tomorrow - I know after reading this you will think on small accessories as the giant in the fashion industry today and i hope that you will move toward them when deciding what to wear on your next outfit!


Here is the history of the Pocket Square that was taken from Google Search: https://www.samhober.com/pocketsquarehistory.htm/pocketsquarehistory.htm

Here are some different ways to wear Pocket Squares from one of my favorite instructional films on Fashion for Men (note: he doesn't like card squares but you form your own opinion on what you prefer what is best): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbKHkC_GQUA


Enjoy & leave a comment to your favorite memory of when you felt the most confident in life - what were you wearing?  

From the Point of my Quill ~ Louise Harris

L & C Pocket Square pre-folded Golden Taffeta  $10.00 each